Exciting Windows 11 Updates to Look Forward To


It seems like Windows 11 is gearing up for a fantastic Snipping Tool upgrade and an enhanced Photos app. The most notable features are the Snipping Tool’s ability to copy text directly from screenshots and the Photos app’s background blur feature.

These developments are from Windows Insider users who pioneers testing and assisting in improving Microsoft’s latest enhancements.

The newly introduced ‘Text Actions’ feature in the Snipping Tool, is definitely a game-changer. It simplifies text copying and sharing directly from a screen capture. To access it, just click on Text Actions in the Snipping Tools toolbar, and you’ll be presented with all the text you can select and copy. Isn’t that magnificent?

But that’s not all; this tool also lets you manipulate text within the screenshot, making tasks like redacting sensitive information a breeze with the ‘Quick Redact’ function. The Windows 11 version of Snipping Tool also integrates with a Phone Link feature. It provides a notification to open the Snipping Tool for screenshot markup, enabling quick access and editing of recent images from your Android device to your PC.

Meanwhile, the Photos app is also getting a fresh look based on valuable feedback from the community. The headlining feature is the Background Blur option, an instant background blurring tool with added options like Blur Intensity and the Brush Tool to select areas for blurring.

The update also teases a ‘Content Search’ capability for photos backed up on OneDrive. This smart feature scans and labels photos with searchable tags based on their content, even allowing you to search for photos based on their location, across local files, OneDrive, and iCloud. Isn’t that exciting?

Are you eager with these features on Windows 11?

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