Great Tips For Securing Your Smartphone

Most people use their smartphones multiple times a day without much thought. Whether you are checking your social media, replying to emails or zoning out for a bit on TikTok, keeping the sensitive information contained on your smartphone safe should be a top priority. Some people fail to realize that common hacking methods like ransomware and phishing scams can target mobile phone users. 

In 2020, mobile ransomware attacks increased by around 35 percent. The popularity of mobile phone hacks is increasing with each passing year, it is time to take smartphone security seriously. Here are some things you can do to secure your smartphone and protect it from cyber-criminals. 

Always Lock Your Mobile Device

When trying to check and respond to messages quickly, a phone lock can get in the way. If a person gets aggravated with the task of locking and unlocking their phone, they will usually remove this security feature altogether. While removing the phone lock will help you look and respond to messages quickly, it also puts the sensitive information in your phone at risk. 

If a stranger with bad intentions were to find your phone, they could get any information they want if there is no lock enabled. Instead of dealing with the problems that allowing sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands will produce, you need to keep a lock on your phone at all times. If you are using a numerical lock, then you need to change the combination regularly. 

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Connections

If there is a free Wi-Fi connection, most people won’t think twice before using it. While free Wi-Fi allows you to stream content without using your data, it can also pose lots of risks. Experienced hackers can use these free network connections as a way to phish for sensitive information from the people around them. If you have sensitive information on your phone, then you probably should avoid using public Wi-Fi connections. 

People that travel a lot could benefit from purchasing a mobile Wi-Fi device. These devices can provide you with a safe and speedy connection when needed. The money paid for these devices will be worth it due to the danger they can help a mobile phone user to avoid. 

Be Mindful of Phishing Emails

If you are like most people, you probably receive multiple emails on a daily basis. Hackers use emails to manipulate a person into clicking a link that will steal their sensitive information. Being mindful of the tactics used by cyber-criminals to infiltrate mobile phones can help you avoid falling victim to these attacks. 

If you do fall victim to a phishing attack, then you need to work with cyber-security professionals to remove the harmful programs on your phone. Performing necessary operating system updates is also crucial when trying to remove any security vulnerabilities your home may have. 

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