IOS Touchscreen Problems

Your iPhone is great, right? Until it doesn’t work…

Then it’s just an expensive brick, or even worse, a very hair-pulling scenario.

You try to figure out why something isn’t working right on your iPhone, and even after YouTube videos and more, you might end up abundantly confused. It’s not a great spot to be in – we know. But we also know how to fix it. 

The Touchscreen

IPhone problems often have to do with the touchscreen, but different types of problems apply.

Maybe the screen is too sensitive, or maybe you’re not getting any response whatsoever.

Some of these problems might have to do with charging, where your lightning port has an effect on how your touchscreen works.

Some just have to do with simple things like airplane mode. You can brush the wrong setting with your finger and presto – your iPhone doesn’t “work” anymore. 

Basic Troubleshooting

Yes, if you do have a legitimate problem, it’s possible to do a hard reset or a factory reset in order to fix a touchscreen problem, but if you’ve turned your phone off and turned it on again, and the problem still persists, it’s probably beyond what you’re going to easily figure out in terms of more in-depth strategy.

To make it even more complicated, there might be screen damage involved as well. Screen repair isn’t the most complicated thing in the world, but it does require specialized tools and materials, and a very precise approach. So it’s not something that most people will want to do at home, unless they’re good at it. And they have a reasonably safe “lab” environment to do it in. 

All of that combines to make touchscreen problems pretty daunting for the average smartphone holder. Like a car or some other type of complex machine, your iPhone isn’t something you really want to fix yourself.

Those above situations are just some of the touchpad problems you can experience with an iPhone device.

Then there’s all the array of software and settings that you’ll need to use in order to use the device effectively.

Sometimes there’s even crossover between the software issues and other kinds of actual malfunctions or device damage, and it’s hard for the smartphone holder to tell which is which.

Then you can benefit from professional customer service and technical advice in a warm and welcoming environment.

Rely on the specialized technicians at P2P Computer. We have the track record and technical acumen to fix your iPhone the right way the first time, and keep it in usable condition.


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