Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Computer

A recent study found that over 75% of American adults own a laptop or desktop computer. Whether you use your computer for work or play, keeping it running efficiently is probably one of your main concerns. As most computer owners know, these complex machines require the proper amount of care to continue running smoothly. 

As the owner of a computer, it is your responsibility to educate yourself about proper computer maintenance procedures. If you are making any of the mistakes mentioned below, you need to stop immediately before you destroy your computer. 

Ignoring the Need for Antivirus Software

Each year, millions of cyber-attacks occur around the world. The main goal modern hackers have is taking control of a computer and getting as much sensitive information off of it as they can. Most people have sensitive financial information saved on their computers, which can be used by hackers to drain your accounts. The first line of defense against cyber-attacks is functional antivirus software. 

Some computer owners make the mistake of installing an antivirus software program and never updating it. You need to realize that the techniques and viruses used by hackers to infect computers change regularly. This means that your antivirus software has to be updated to respond to these modern hacking methods. Without the proper updates, it is only a matter of time before your computer is rendered defenseless. Ideally, you want to choose an antivirus program that updates automatically to avoid these problems. 

Overheating Can Ruin Your Computer

The processors in modern computers are extremely power-efficient. The longer you use your laptop, the higher its internal heat will become. It is the job of the internal fans your computer has to keep these temperatures low. If the internal components are exposed to high temperatures, they will get damaged. One of the main reasons why these fans stop working is due to the buildup of dust and other debris. 

Putting your laptop on carpets or pieces of furniture can result in lots of fibers getting trapped in your fans. This is why you need to work on a laptop desk that is devoid of dirt or dust. You also need to allow professionals to take apart your computer and clean the dust and debris from your fans to avoid excess heat. 

Handle Your Computer with Care

Being too rough with your computer can also lead to significant damage. One of the biggest mistakes most laptop owners make is lifting their computer by the screen. Not only will this put undue stress on the hinges that hold the screen in place, it can also lead to damage to the screen itself. This is why you need to lift your laptop from the bottom, with the lid closed. Doing this can help you avoid damaging your laptop by mistake. 

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