Computer Repair in State College, Pennsylvania

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Computer not running in ship shape? We can fix just about any problem with your PC or Apple product.

Common problems our customers have include a cracked or broken display, liquid damage or power management issues, but we’ve do everything from helping folks get connected to a tricky WiFi device to recovering content they thought was lost forever.

What to Expect When You Visit P2P Computer Solutions in State College, PA

No one likes surprises, and while many issues–like replacing your iPhone’s screen or battery–can be taken care of on the spot, same day, for some of the trickier situations here’s what you can expect.

1. In-store Check-in Process

Welcome to P2P! When you walk through the door, there will be a 5 – 10 minute check-in process so we can get your information and hear what’s ailing your computer.?Don’t forget to bring your charger!

2. Diagnostics

We’ll usually ask for 1 – 2 days to give us the proper amount of time to evaluate what’s happening with your machine. This ensures we diagnose the problem correctly and get it taken care of right the first time!

3. Customer Approval

Once we’ve sorted out the symptom, we’ll call you with our proposed solution. You approve the service and–if applicable–parts, and we get back to work.

4. Part Ordering & Shipping

If we need to order parts, it typically takes from 1 – 5 days for them to make it to our office.

5. Installation & Service

Once we know the problem, have your approval to fix it, and all of the necessary parts have arrived, we can usually finish the job in 1 day.

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