Tracking Your Repair

a woman calls P2P Computer Solutions to fix her broken laptop

We all know that over time, we tend to have some problems with our devices.

If it’s a computer, maybe the desktop tower or laptop is running slow, and you might think it might be overladen with viruses or there’s some kind of other functional problem.

With a mobile phone, you might have battery issues, apps that don’t work, or certain kinds of latency that are disturbing.

Or you might not be able to hook up to networks as you expected.

It’s not the end of the world! All of these things can be fixed. Still, it can be a royal nuisance for a busy user who is used to getting information at the press of a button. 

In any case, when you come to a professional repair shop, there are certain things that help you to get the results that you need. Let’s talk about our superior customer service process, and what it means for you when you bring your devices here. 

Working on Customer Orders

A shop can only go as fast as its staff and processes allow….

But people need their devices all the time, so they’re critically concerned about when they will get them returned.

It’s like a car that you drive every day. When you take it to the shop, how do you get it back? And what do you do in the meantime? Unfortunately, it’s not usually a simple proposition to get a “loaner” like you would with a car, and that’s partially down to the logistics of keeping your personal data private, as well as resource issues. But it does help to have a responsive shop that can tell you more about when you can pick your device up. 

Order Tracking

One neat feature on our website is the order/repair tracking function.

The plain fact is that people often don’t like to call on the phone and ask about when something is going to be ready. They especially don’t want to do it more than once

Also, if your phone is in the shop, whose phone are you going to use to call?

Use our easy web format to get the answers that you need to know when you’re going to get your precious device returned to you. And take a look at everything that we can do for you, to help keep your own personal “IT department” working well, and to maintain the tools you need to live a modern life. 


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