What’s My Computer Trying To Tell Me?

We’ve all been there before, you have a deadline looming, and suddenly your computer freezes, drops out, or shuts down. The more we seem to rely on our computers and laptops to manage our day-to-day activities, the more we risk experiencing significant problems with the technology that throws us off track.

While some viruses can wreak havoc on your computer seemingly out of nowhere, chances are that your computer is trying to give you warning signs that it is experiencing issues that could mount if not addressed promptly. Everyone should know the signs of a troubled computer to avoid a potential crisis. Continue reading to learn how to spot problems and troubleshoot your computer.

Sudden Shutdown

If your system freezes and the computer shuts down unexpectedly, there is a potentially serious problem that should not be ignored. The automatic shutdown is the system’s safeguard. You can run a complete diagnostic test to determine if the issue is with the hard drive or due to a virus.

Power Source Issues

Always check to ensure the computer is plugged in properly to a working outlet. Often wires and cords become dislocated from the power source, causing computers to give you a low battery signal.

Safe Mode Restart

Depending on your computer’s operating system, you can restart it in safe mode or safe boot to allow limited access so you have time to investigate the reason for the sudden crash.

Check The Fans

Your computer has a built-in cooling system that relies on fans to function correctly. If the fans are not working, the unit will quickly overheat. Laptops can overheat when left in a hot car or sitting on the vents that allow air to flow through to the fans.

Run A Diagnostic Test

Check your computer’s owner manual to find out how to run a diagnostic test. The steps may vary by computer operating system. If the diagnostic test doesn’t detect an issue and the problem continues, contact your computer repair service for further instruction.

Your Computer Clicks And Hums

Like most machines, computers make noises when things malfunction. The only sound a healthy computer makes is the stir of its fans. If you hear a clicking or humming noise from your computer, shut the power immediately and call your computer repair service.

Seek Professional Advice

When your computer gives you signs that it’s in trouble, calling your computer repair service is always recommended to ensure the problems don’t cause severe damage to your hardware.

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